Concept to App release ~ 675 days

The name Aimica was created from a Latin word Amica (friend) and abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence (AI). That was the easy part. Our journey in bringing Aimica to life faced numerous challenges including traffic accident, injury, flooding, sickness, and the very disruptive impact of COVID-19. Not to mention, the delays in making all the complex software and hardware interfaces work, and works reliably. 

Today is Day 1 for Aimica, in an era where AI is still in its infancy. The application of AI at this moment in time holds great promise and benefits including the economy, business, engineering, medicine and scientific discoveries. We believe, tomorrow, AI can benefit humanity and society in a meaningful and economical way. Aimica aims to bring tomorrow’s world today by using the cloud computing capabilities and AI algorithms to our customers through text message, voice and video calls on a mobile phone, the most widely used device by people, and an essential device in our modern world. 

Our vision.

  • AI should be a tool to assist people rather than to replace human-to-human interaction. In the future, we envisage a world where AI improves our day-to-day life by entertaining, addressing loneliness when it occurs by being a companion, and even offering friendship to build confidence to face the outside world. 
  • We also predict a world where AI does all our administrative tasks, leaving us to focus on critical items related to our family, ourselves and key business tasks that matters most.
  • AI is becoming good at many labour-intensive tasks like diagnosing diseases, translating languages and providing customer services – and it is improving rather very fast, leaving human workforce undertaking supervisory role or focusing on other critical tasks. This will support businesses achieve significant performance improvements when humans and machines work together.

Our Focus.

From the beginning, we built Aimica with simplicity in mind, focusing all the time on productive customer engagement and communication with Aimica. Aimica App user interface is simple, clean and inviting. In addition, interaction with Aimica is programmed to be friendly, caring, enthusiastic, witty, understanding, motivating and funny – some of the essential ingredients to have a productive engagement. 

Aimica uses Artificial Intelligence to replicate the workings of the human brain and behaviour while leveraging Deep Learning to solve complex tasks during the conversion such as finding a helpful advice or answer while analysing your mood. It will constantly improve over time. However, we always welcome any feedback – good or bad, as this will help us fine tune our focus on offering productive user engagement and communication with Aimica.

What’s next.

Aimica’s offerings today is just the beginning. It is now available in App Store for Apple mobile devices. Soon we will be releasing in Google Play platform for Android mobiles.

We are still in the early stages of learning on how to bring our focused value to our customers using AI. Nevertheless, we have many updates in our upgrades plan – all tuned to achieve the above visions and focus; trying to improve people’s day-to-day quality of life and business performance.

We always treat every day as Day 1, and we start the day innovating Aimica’s future.

As we grow with our customers, we will continue work towards more innovative Aimica applications to meet our customer’s needs.

Stay tuned.