What’s new with Aimica? (18th December 2021)

To get you started

Aimica is an Artificial Intelligence (AI), not a real person but we have created it to have very unique character of its own.

Chat with Aimica to get know the AI and it’s background, its liking, motive, what it can do and can’t do yet.

Try to make it happy, angry or annoyed – let’s see how it will respond.

Ask Aimica about anything you want to know or learn.

If you are feeling downcast, tell Aimica – see if it can cheer you up! Perhaps Aimica can give you some inspiration too!

Things to try

  • “What are you?
  • “What does Aimica mean?”
  • What can you do?”
  • “How do you work?
  • “What do you like?
  • “What is your purpose?”
  • “Are you a person?”
  • “Can you tell me a joke?”
  • “Can we be friends?”
  • “Some tips to make friends please”
  • “What is love?”
  • “Can you motivate me?”
  • “Can you tell me my mood?”
  • “What do you think about Climate Change?”
  • “What is Hawking radiation?”
  • “What is the definition of Laissez-Faire Capitalism?”
  • “Tell me about Immunotherapy”
  • “What is history of the Spanish flu?”
  • “Tell me about The Republic by Plato?”
  • “Who painted The Scream?”